Great Basin Highway Magazine Volume 2 Number 4 Oct/Dec 2020 (Layout & Design)


pg2 – P/U pg18 Hawkins for Nevada Golf Classic Henderson, NV April 24th & 25th

pg3 – Virginia City Insider Full Page

pg4 – Great Basin Highway – Update – Readership Nevada: 200,000+ (1/15

pg5 – Letter from the Publisher

pg6 – pg11 P/U pg7 – pg12 We The People & Constitution of America

pg12 P/U pg16 Tiger Lily Golf Lessons Update Change Emailed 1, 2 and 3 Oct.-Dec. Cell (626) 643-6901 Ofc (702) 625-3601

pg13 The Parent Team at Movement Mortgage – Emailed Coby Sherlock

pg14 Signature Real Estate

pg15 Latina Business Woman Golf Outing

pg16 P/U pg18 Valkyrie Combat

pg17 P/U pg19 Henderson, NV Gun Show April 24th & 25th – Update dates

pg18 P/U pg20 Henderson, NV Arts & Crafts Show April 24th & 25th – Update dates

pg19 New top press release – Robison Tactical

pg19 Bottom Display Ad Subscription

pg20 P/U pg23 Elect M. Kameron Hawkins – pg23 (Change website to

pg21 – 24 P/U pg28 – 30 Amargosa Valley, Nevada ( please add the old map)

pg25 – 27 P/U pg31 – 34 Boulder City, NV

pg28 Eureka, NV

pg29 – 31 P/U pg38 – 40 Goldfield, NV

pg32 P/U pg41 Reno, NV – Update – Change name of the Great Basin Radio Show to Hawkins for Nevada Radio Show and website name to

pg33 P/U pg44 America Matters Media (Pickup from page 44 and update article to 2 of 2)

pg34 P/U pg45 Networking Women Events

pg35 Northern Nevada Family Dental (Emailed)

pg35 Makeup By Daria press release (Emailed)

pg36 – 37 P/U pg46 – 47 Gardnerville, NV – (Change Golf Classic date to Oct 8th , 2021)

pg38 P/U pg48 and edit to fit a 1/4 page display ad for Carson Armory

pg39 P/U pg49 Virginia City, NV – Add Wild Horses Cry info and image

pg40 Full Page Silverland Inn & Suites

pg41 Gary Buckley Full Page

pg42 Paranormal Adventures Club Full Page

pg43 B Street Full Page

pg44 Cobb Mansion Full Page

pg45 Silver Queen Full Page

pg46 Doc Durden P/U pg51

pg47 Virginia City Insider (Subscription)

pg48 Winnemucca, NV

pg49 A few words from Hewett article – Herschell Ranch Campgrounds 1/2 pg display ad

pg50 Sarah Winnemucca (article)

pg51 Model T Casino

pg52 P/U pg52 Back Cover – DOC Durden