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The Great Basin Highway Magazine is designed to support the Adventure Destination, Tourism, Economics, Relocation & History that encompasses the Great Basin area.

Mailing information – Great Basin Highway Magazine & Radio Show 315 East Washington Street PO Box 813 Virginia City, NV 89440

Calling for Information: 775.827.8900 ext 3

Texting for Information: 702.306.5370

The Great Basin area is over 80% of Nevada, Eastern Side of the California, Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert, to Mexicali, Mexico and back up to Southern Oregon, Southern Idaho, Southern Wyoming and the Western Side of Utah.

Our founder and publisher visits all six states year round, as well as Mexico from time-to-time. Supporting local businesses, attending, sponsoring and holding events throughout these areas under the Great Basin Highway Magazine name and media coverage. (In print as well as online)

Most of our events are in Nevada, and are held under Hawkins for Nevada – www.HawkinsforNevada.com since Mr. Hawkins is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2022

Our circulation is in the upper 10 most read travel and relocation publications in the World.


Nevada: 180,000+ (1/16 of everyone 21 yrs old and above in the state)

United States of America: 800,000+

Worldwide: 1,400,000+ (In a 160 countries)

Travelers: 100%

US Veterans: 92%

Small Business Owners: 48%

Age of readers 21 years or older: 93%

Our Advertising Agreement is to the point and limited to on the States within the Great Basin area. Visit here

Subscription is offered online and in print. For more information, please text 702.306.5370 anytime.

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Volume 2 Number 3 – July/September 2020

Volume 2 Number 2 – April/June 2020

Volume 2 Number 1 – January/March 2020

Volume 1 Number 3 – October/December 2019

Volume 1 Number 2 – July/September 2019

Volume 1 Number 1 – April/June 2019